Monday, June 4, 2018

Sadie ~ 14 Weeks Old

Yesterday, I took Sadie to the veterinarian for her next round of puppy shots.  Since her last visit three weeks ago, she has really grown.  She weighed 11.6 pounds yesterday.  This is a four pound gain over the last visit.  That is more than a pound a week.  Wow!  She has been a pretty good puppy so far.  She loves playing with Harley.  They cuddle together.  They wrestle together.  They chase each other all around.  They dig in the backyard together.  They are truly best friends.  She uses the doggy door, but still messes in the house at times.  She loves to chew on anything and everything that she can.  We have been trying to have a bully stick available for her to chew on so that she doesn't eat all of our shoes and the kids' toys.  The kids adore her, especially Madilyn.  We are really happy to have her as part of the family.

Sadie ~ May 2018
 So happy!
 Loving her brother
Digging in the backyard!
 Madilyn with Sadie in a backpack
 Sadie's preferred sleeping position
 At the vet ~ 14 weeks
 Sadie and Madi
 Bathed and so adorable
 Aiden and Sadie
Sunday, June 3, 2018

Last Day of School

School's out for summer!  The kids successfully navigated their way through first and second grade at BASIS Central Phoenix.  It was a year full of old challenges and new challenges.  It was full of mornings when nothing seemed to go right and tears were abundant.  It was full of laughter and funny stories.  It was also full of frustrations and homework do overs.  We had weeks full of studying for tests and celebrations when their effort was successful.  And it was full of personal and physical growth, learning and fun with friends.  I cannot wait to see what second and third grade have in store for my amazing kiddos!
Bedtime the night before the *last* day of school
 Last Day of School Photos
 First Day of School versus Last Day of School Photos 
 Last day of school car selfie
 Aiden during the GP5 Awards Recognition Ceremony
Aiden with his teacher Ms. Turner
 Aiden with his 90s Pin and 450 Club Award 
(He received 90s Club for all five grading periods)
 Madi during the GP5 Awards Recognition Ceremony
 Madi with her teacher Ms. Jacobson
Saturday, June 2, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

Typically, we spend Memorial Day weekend relaxing by the beach in San Diego.  But since the last day of school was not until after Memorial Day, we decided to stay home and spend time relaxing by the pool.  The weekend was filled with friends, food, adult beverages, laughter, good conversation and tons swimming. 

Sunday Swimming Party at Our House
Aiden and Madi
 Madi with Maia, Sydney and Campbell
 Madi and Christy
Me and Christy 
 Jonah and Aiden

Monday BBQ at the Kurlands
Aiden and Jonah
 Silly Aiden
 Madi and the girls
 All of the kids

Monday Swimming at the Feldmans
Our little fishes
 Josh using one of the twins' mermaid towel
Friday, June 1, 2018

2017-2018 School Pictures

As the school year ends, here are the photos that we finally received from the kids picture day back last October.  Pretty good school photos.  Both kids are smiling and looking cute.

Aiden, Age 5 ~ 1st Grade

Madi, Age 7 ~ 2nd Grade
Thursday, May 31, 2018

BASIS Update ~ GP5

The last grading period of the school year finished on May 18th.  Our entire household was ecstatic!  No more homework.  No more tests.  No more projects.  No more tears.  Just a couple weeks of fun learning and end of the year celebrations.  Although we were happy the grading period ended, our kids enjoyed their last couple of months of school  They definitely took full advantage of all of the fun "stuff" school has to offer them.  They participated in two after school clubs -- dance and Lego.  Madilyn invited Josh to be her date at the Royal Ball which was organized by the school's booster club.  And Aiden ended the year dressing up with his teacher for Star Wars Day (May the 4th).  And somewhere in-between all of the fun, they did manage to learn, problem solve, read, write and memorize "The Star-Spangled Banner".  We are so glad they have such an amazing community to call their home away from home.

Aiden's GP5 Poem - "The Star-Spangled Banner"
Star-Spangled Banner - GP5 1st Grade
Last Day of Dance Club
May the 4th be with you ...
The Royal Ball
Josh and Madi
Madi & Amelia
Madi & Grace