Saturday, May 19, 2018

New Puppy!

On April 8th, our family welcomed a new puppy into the family.  We named her Sadie and she is a mini sheepadoodle.  A sheepadoodle is a designer breed crossing an Old English sheepdog with a standard poodle.  We decided on this breed for a couple of reasons:
  1. Harley is a Old English sheepdog/husky mix and he has the best temperament.  We hoped this would the same for our new puppy.
  2. This breed does not shed, thus, tends to be good for those with dog allergies.
  3. This breed tends to be very gentle, playful and kind.  Also, they are supposed to be good with children and other dog.
  4. We couldn't imagine having two dogs the size of Harley living under one roof, so we are hoping the "mini" will work perfectly.
Sadie was born on February 25, 2018; one day after Madilyn's birth date, which she loves to point out to everyone.  We purchased her from a local breeder out in Gilbert.  The entire family drove out to the breeder's home to get her.  The kids actually thought we were just running an errand.  Once I took them inside of the house, they quickly realized what was happening.  

When we arrived home, we introduced Sadie to Harley.  At first, they were both very cautious of each other.  But after just a little while, they both warmed up to each other and the playing commenced.  They wrestle and chase each other all over the house and backyard.  Harley has taught her how to navigate the terrain in the backyard and use the doggie door.  Sadie has reintroduced him to the fun of digging and chewing on everything.  They are both absolutely adorable together.  I cannot wait to see how their friendship continues to unfold.

As for the Landers kids and parents, we are in love.  Madilyn wants to hold her all of the time.  She has already dressed her in baby clothes, taken her for a walk in her baby carriage and read her bedtime stories.  Aiden loves to chase her.  I have my lap dog, for now.  And Josh has a puppy who loves to attack him on the couch as we watch shows.  Now, we just need her to grow a little bit more and get her potty trained.  This should be a fun ride!

Sadie at nine days old
Sadie at six weeks old on her way home with us
Sitting pretty
Harley meeting Sadie for the first time
She was a little timid
But quickly warmed up to her new surroundings
Aiden with Sadie
Madi with Sadie
She was so little
Reading to Sadie 
Harley and Sadie snuggling
 A puppy selfie! 
 Videos of Harley and Sadie playing
Playing Play with me
Thursday, May 17, 2018

BASIS Update ~ GP4

Grading period four at BASIS Phoenix Central concluded the first week of April for Madilyn and Aiden.  Both kids are excelling and enjoying school, although getting homework completed some evenings can be a daunting chore.  But their hard work and perseverance paid off as they they both qualified for the 90s Club again.  This was a big accomplishment for Madilyn, who in period three struggled with her math grade which disqualified her from the 90s Club.  But she worked really hard in period four and improved her grade enough to once again qualify for 90s Club.  So proud of these kids!

Madi's 100th Day of School Writing Project
Madi's Art
Aiden reciting his period four poem ~ "The Star"
GP4 Poem - Mar'18
Aiden's class "Neon"
Neon's silly class picture
Each week we receive a newsletter from the kids' teachers about what is happening in the classroom.  Here is what the kids were doing in early March.

90s Club Award Ceremony:
Aiden receiving his 90s Club pin
Josh and Aiden
Aiden and Oliver
Madi sitting through the awards ceremony
Madi and her pin
Madi and Josh
Madi and Gretchen
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Easter 2018

This year, our Easter weekend was spent like many in years past.  Saturday afternoon was spent dying eggs.  The kids are getting pretty good at it.  They really had a blast adding emoji stickers and drawings to their eggs.  They even allowed me to die a half dozen.  Fun times!

Sunday morning was spent with family and friends enjoying brunch on our patio after watching the kids hunt for eggs.  The food was delicious and no one left hungry.  The table conversations were full of upcoming family events, announcements and every day life occurrences.  The weather was a little warm, but still enjoyable.  Fun. Family. Friends. Food.  What more could you ask for on Easter morning?  What a fun time to get everyone together.

Aiden dying eggs
Madi dying eggs
Both kids together
Final Product
An Easter Snapchat
Easter Baskets
The kids with their baskets
Our cute kids
Mr. Stylish
Miss Fashionista
Egg Hunt
Mom and I
A brunch selfie