Thursday, February 11, 2016


What can I say?  Homework has become part of our family's daily weekday routine.  Most days Madilyn is still very excited to complete her homework, but there have been some evenings full of tears as we struggle to get her to complete her nightly assignments.  I have a feeling homework, once again, for the second time in my life, will become my nemesis.

Kindergarten homework is not difficult, but it isn't playing or watching a show.  It is work and Madi is slowly learning that it is just easier to get it done and over.  Then, she can go play and have fun.

Madi has two primary homework assignments nightly ... her literacy packet that is provided on Monday to be turned into her teacher by Friday and a math worksheet of some kind.  I have provided examples below of each of her homework.

Also, every Friday Madi has a sight word/sentence test and a match test.  So, we usually spend a couple of minutes reviewing her sight words and the sentences of the week so she feels confident enough when it is time to take her test.

We are so proud of our kindergartner.  It is amazing to me how much she has already grown as a student in just over one hundred days of school. Her vocabulary is growing.  She is becoming a pretty good reader.  And she is already more advanced in math than I was at her age.

All in all, Madilyn is doing very well in school and seems to enjoy going to school at learning. As soon as we pick her up from school, she immediately tells us what kind of day she had.  Her teacher uses a color chart to assess the kids behavior.  Each day, all of the students start on green and depending on how they behave throughout the day each kid is told to "clip up" or "clip down".  For Madi blue and purple are the best colors and orange and red are the worst.  Luckily, she has never had either of those days.

Literacy Packet
Math Homework
Madi completing her homework
Madilyn practicing her reading
Reading with her dad
Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Awards Ceremony ~ 3rd Period

Here are some photos of Madi from her last BASIS Awards Ceremony.  Madilyn, again, qualified for 90s Club.  This means that she earned at least a ninety percent average this past grading period.  I am not really sure the kids really understand what this means, but it is really adorable watching them during the ceremony.  When they hear their name, they march up to receive their 90s pin from Ms. Arnold, they shake the Dean's hand and then proceed back to their space on the floor.  It is pretty cute!  Good job, Miss Madi!  Keep up the good work!