Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kindergarten Progress Report

Madilyn has completed her first grading period at BASIS Central Phoenix.  She loves kindergarten and her teacher, Ms. Arnold.  Plus, she has made quite a few new friends -- Gretchen, Olivia and Isla. We, as parents, really like the school's curriculum, as well.  Even though she has math, language and literacy homework nightly, we can already see a huge improvement in Madilyn's reading, writing and math proficiency.  Here are her first grading period's grades.  *SO* proud of her!

Course Name
GP1 Grade
Civics, History & Science Foundation
A /100%
Language & Literacy
A / 98%
Math Foundation
A / 96%
Movement Foundation

Here are some pictures of Madilyn's classroom and teacher.  This is where all her learning occurs.  I took these at the school's curriculum night which occurred in late-August.

Madi's Teacher, Ms. Arnold, and her classroom
Madi's name on her desk...
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ballet Dancing

Madilyn is dancing ballet again this fall at Dance Theater West under the tutelage of Miss Sally. Madi truly loves dancing.  She talks about it constantly and practices all of her positions at home daily.  I love that she is so passionate about it!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Sports

This fall Aiden is playing two sports.  He is playing soccer again with Arizona Soccer Association (ASA).  We love this program.  The coach is really good with the boys and Aiden's skills continue to improve every time he touches the ball.  They have had a couple of games on the weekend and Aiden has even had a couple of breakaway goals.  I love watching him play!

We also enrolled Aiden in t-ball through Shaw Butte Little League.  The season has just started, but, so far, Aiden is grasping the concept of the sport.  He has a pretty good throw.  And, in practice, he has been able to hit to or past second base.  I guess we will just have to see how the games go ...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Labor Day Weekend on Mission Bay

The Farrell-Landers family spent our Labor Day weekend in beautiful Mission Bay, San Diego, California.  We rented a waterfront condo that overlooked Mission Bay.  What a perfect location!  It was about a block away from the Giant Dipper, the infamous Mission Beach roller coaster, located in Belmont Park.  Plus, since we were located on the bay-front, it allowed the kids to play in the water while the adults watched from the condo's patio.  The kids loved the playing in the bay.  In fact, they played in the water from sunrise to sunset. The bay-side it allowed the kids a little more freedom in the water since they could wade out into the water and kick around on their boogie boards without worrying about rip tides and huge waves.  We even rented a paddle boat one afternoon as a family to explore the bay from the water.  Although the trip was shorter than we would have liked, we had a fun time relaxing, soaking up some sun and playing in the sand.  Hopefully, we will return to Mission Bay sooner than later.

Watching the sunrise from the condo's patio
Kids playing in the sand
They loved the boogie boards
Our little spot on the sand
Visiting Belmont Park and the Giant Dipper
Capturing the bay-side sunset
Boardwalk people watching from our patio
Day 2 -- More beach time
Saturday, September 26, 2015

Temple Chai Sunday School

Here is what our kids did last week during Sunday School.  Too much fun!

From Ms. Ruth (Madilyn's Class):
Dear Parents,

Today we started the day talking and reading the story of the Jonah and the Whale, as well as watercolor-painting the "whale" and coloring in "Jonah", and learning why we read this story during Yom Kippur services.  During circle time we did a little revision on Rosh Hashanah, and went into more detail about the forthcoming Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur, talking about saying "sorry", asking for "forgiveness", fasting, the sounding of the Shofar at the end of the day,  etc., etc.  We also spoke about the mitzvah of Tzedakah, and then a representative from UMOM came to talk to both our class and the Pre-K's,  about this wonderful opportunity to raise money for this organization with our weekly Tzedakah money.  The children were each given a toy (a green Turtle Chef) to emphasize the good work done by UMOM (the turtle's shell representing the permanent "home" that it has), and how UMOM provides 'homes' to many families in need.

Thereafter it was snack time and our 'Abba' Logan and 'Eema'  Madi led the class with the Blessings for the candles, wine and Challah, while pretending it was Friday night.  The children enjoyed the Challah while getting to know each other  and socializing a little.  We also spoke about the forthcoming Consecration event.  Please remember to keep Sunday, October 11th open, for parents and family to attend.  More details will follow shortly.  This is a very exciting time as the children embark on their journey of learning from the Torah, reading Judaic stories, learning the Aleph Bet, getting familiar with many Hebrew words, Blessings, as well a many Jewish songs and melodies,  etc., etc.

After snack the children enjoyed decorating their mini "Torah Covers".   Each student will receive a small mini 'Torah' together with a certificate on that day.  They will also sing a few songs, which they started revising and learning today.

We also had fun completing our Work Sheets, as well as making a Get Well Card for our class mate, Riley Sloane, who had surgery this week.  We wish her a Speedy Recovery, "Get Well Soon", and we look forward to seeing her again soon!

We went to the Main Sanctuary towards the end of the day, together with the whole school,  to sing and learn with Cantor Wolman, and Rabbi Bonnie Koppell read us the  story of "The Hardest Word", learning that it is not so easy to say we're "SORRY"!

Wishing you all a very Good Yomtov and a very meaningful Fast.

Look forward to seeing you all next week for our very special Sukkot celebrations and learning,  to be held at the school for both students and parents.  More details will follow during the course of this week.

From Ms. Julia (Aiden's Class):
Dear Parents,

We enjoyed learning abut Yom Kippur today.

We read the story of a child who had no friends because his words were hurtful.  The rabbi had the child bring a feather pillow to his office.  He cut the pillow and all the feathers blew away outside.  The rabbi told the boy to go gather all of the feathers.  The child said “I can’t.”  The rabbi replied that it’s the same with words.  Once they are said you can’t take them back.

Our tzedakah money will go to UMOM, and the turtle chef that was sent home is a gift from them.

Our mock Shabbat with our round challah (for a sweet new year) as well as our delicious fruit were enjoyed by all.  Anny and Jake were our eemah and abbah.

We also had a assembly with music and song.

Our Hebrew letters were BET and VET.  BET has a dot in its middle, and  when you take the dot out it becomes VET.

Enjoy the Bet fun sheet I sent home.

L’shana tova.
Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Grandparents' Day!

Aiden would like to wish his grandparents (near and far) and great-grandparents a Happy Grandparents' Day!  He sends huge hugs and mushy kisses.

Madi's Masterpieces

As we head into the weekend, here are couple more of Madilyn's Masterpieces.  She created all of these at school.  She *LOVES* to draw, paint, color and now write.