Saturday, April 30, 2016

BASIS Spring Concert 2016

This past Monday, BASIS Phoenix Central hosted their Spring Musical Concert at the Bullpit Auditorium at Phoenix College.  All of the Kindergarten classes performed.  Madi did a good job. No stage fright!  And she mostly knew all the words and choreography.  It was another proud parent moment.  Enjoy the performance; we did!

Madi all ready to perform
Miss Mary Mack
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Plant Some Seeds in Mandarin
Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Training Game ...

Every year, I like to take the kids to at least one spring training game.  The game that we attended this year was during Madilyn's spring break when Aunt Kathleen was visiting while on her spring break as well. Kathleen loves the Dodgers, so we all headed out to Camelback Ranch to watch some baseball.

The kids seemed to have a good time.  Before the game started, the kids got their programs signed by a couple of the ball players. Then, Aiden really wanted a baseball from one of the players, so he went right down to the dugout and stuck his hand out and waited for someone to give him a ball.  He waited and waited very patiently, but no baseball was given.  One of the spectators in the first row watching this whole event transpire reached into his bag and handed Aiden a baseball.  Aiden was so excited!  He told the man thank you and ran right back to us to show us the ball.  He held on to that ball for the entire game.  When we were starting to leave, Aiden ran right back to the man who had given him the ball and asked him, "May I please take this ball home?"  And the man said, "Of course!"  Then, the man leaned back to us and said that Aiden just made his day.  It was really adorable.

Madi had a very different ballpark experience.  I am not quite sure she watched even one inning of baseball. Instead, she made a friend with an girl behind us who had colored pencils and paper.  Madi spent the entire time coloring.  It worked out perfectly.

It was a beautiful day full of fun, food, baseball and family!

Waiting to get autographs
 Aiden hoping for a baseball
 He got one!
 Eating kettle corn
 Mommy and Aiden
 Melinda, me and Kathleen
Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fun Run!

Last month, our family and our friends, the Bukatas, participated a fun run sponsored by Cigna Healthcare that featured RunDisney.  The one mile run was located at the Phoenix Zoo.  Aiden was pretty excited to run the course while Madilyn was less than enthusiastic.  At one point, she may have actually told Josh, "This is not a *fun* run!"  Aiden pretty much ran the entire event until the last quarter mile.  At that point, he turned to me and said he was done and didn't want to run any more.  I quickly pointed to the gigantic balloon that signified the end of the race and told him that we just had a little more to run.  What did Aiden do?  He quickly detoured off the concrete path and headed straight towards the balloon through the desert.  His little legs didn't stop running until he made to the balloon and across the finish line.  I am not sure if I have a cheater or a genius on my hands.

After the run, we were all invited to the zoo's Stone House Pavilion for brunch and some mingling time with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  The kids definitely loved taking photos with these iconic Disney characters.

What a fun way to introduce your kids to exercising and running.  I really hope we get to participate in this event again next year!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fun in Laguna Woods!

A couple of weekends ago, we finally had the opportunity to get over to Laguna Woods, California, to visit with GG and GP.  We headed over on Wednesday night after the kids finished school since Madilyn had Thursday off for Cesar Chavez Day.  And although she was supposed to go back to school on Friday, we decided to call her in absent instead.

Thursday was spent visiting with GG and GP all day.  Our day was filled with all of the traditional activities they enjoy to do with us.  This included shopping at the 99 Cent Store so the kids could pick out five toys, eating lunch out for pizza, salad and wings, and also a visit The Children's Place to purchase some new summer outfits for the kids.


On Friday, we drove up altogether to Calabasas to visit the Reismans and the Vorobiofs (Selma's daughter's and grandaughter's family) for Shabbat.  We had not seen them in a couple of years, so it was wonderful to spend some quality time with them.  The kids really enjoyed playing with the cousins and the adults enjoyed some lively conversation and a fabulous, traditional Shabbat dinner. Here are some photos from our outstanding visit.

Jenna swinging.
Madi, too.
Aiden jumping on the trampoline.
GP watching all of the kids play.
Judah and Aiden
Madi and Jenna
GP and GG
The boys playing soccer
Jenna, Madi, Aiden and Judah
All of the great-grandkids (Judah, Madi, Aiden, Jenna and Haley)
Alisa and I

Saturday was our last day in Laguna Woods.  However, before we visited with GG and GP a little more, we enjoyed a little play time at a new indoor playground near GG and GP's house called We Play Loud.  It was a really adorable indoor playground that included several different play structures for the kids like a giant four person wave slide, foam ball fountain, two foam ball dumping baskets, rainbow bridges, pyramid obstacles, web net bridges, and two automatic foam ball loading machines.  The playground also included some soft play rides like a rocking boat, spinning coconut tree, inflatable UFO, a spinning giant octopus, and our cruising jumbo jet airplane ride.  The kids had fun and loved the whole experience,  But, we will probably not visit this venue again as it seemed like our kids were a little too old for much of it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter this year was a little bit different.  The Easter Bunny decided to hide all of the eggs in the house as the backyard is currently under a major renovation.  But it didn't seem to matter to the kids. They loved running around the downstairs searching for hidden eggs.

Traditionally, we host an Easter brunch on our patio, but as previously mentioned, our patio is not brunch ready.  So, instead, we moved our "family" brunch to Moon Valley Country Club.  The country club always does a fabulous brunch for the holidays.  Plus, they have tons of crafts and activities to keep the kids entertained.  It was a beautiful Easter morning full of amazing food, our loving "family" and great memories.

.The kids on Easter morning
Madi and her Easter basket
Aiden and his Easter basket
My little bucketheads
Easter Egg Hunt in the House
Easter Photos
Brunch at Moon Valley Country Club
Brandon, Christy and Michelle
Silly Aiden
Christy and the kids
Family Photo
Bunny Photo