Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Day of School!

Today was the first day of school for Madilyn and Aiden.  We now have a first grader and kindergartner at BASIS Phoenix Central.  They were both pretty excited to start the new year.  The day went very smoothly. We all woke up on time, got dressed, ate breakfast, packed up our things and out the door we flew.  When we arrived at school, there were no tears, no fears, and no shyness. After a quick hug and kiss, they both walked right through the school's gates and never looked back. Josh and I just stood there standing next to each other feeling so proud.  We have made it to the next chapter in our lives: the school-aged years.  I cannot wait to see how much we all grow and learn along the way.

Madi, age 6
Aiden, age 4
Walking to school this morning, hand in hand
Ready to learn!
A picture sent from Ms. Fox of Aiden today

Aiden has Ms. Fox as his kindergarten teacher this year.  Here is what his typical week will look like:

Madilyn will have Ms. De Marsh as her Learning Expert Teacher (LET).  The role of the LET is to guide her students from class to class and ensure they have all of their supplies needed for each class. Think of the LET like a home room teacher.  The LET will also be responsible for teaching two classes:  Connections and Reading.  Madi is really excited that she will have multiple teachers this year.  Here is her weekly schedule: