Wednesday, October 14, 2015

School Pictures ~ Fall 2015

School pictures are in!  They look pretty adorable (even if Madi looks a little sleepy). I cannot believe how much they have grown!

Madilyn:  Kindergarten, Age 5

Aiden:  Preschool, Age 4
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Temple Chai Sunday School ~ Pre-K Class

Here is what Aiden did yesterday at Sunday School.  We took him out of class briefly so he could celebrate Madilyn's Consecration with us.

From Ms. Julia (Aiden's Class):
Dear Pre-K Parents,

We had a lovely morning learning about Creation ad Adam, and Eve.  We read the stories of “Adam’s First Shabbat,” and “Adam and Eve’s New Day.”  We learned that God said “kee tov” (very good) after each day of Creation.  We made Shabbat placemats that will be laminated and used in class for our mock Shabbat celebrations.  These will be sent home at the end of the year.

When we discussed our week’s mitzvot, the unanimous mitzvah was being kind to our parents. 

We had music and sang the “Boker Tov” song with fervor.

Our Shabbat eema and abba were Maia and Jacob.

Our Hebrew letter was HAY for “har” (mountain) and  “Hagaddah” (the Passover Seder guide.)  Enjoy the HAY fun sheet I sent home.

Shavuah tov.

Kindergarten Consecration Sunday

Yesterday was a very special Sunday for Madilyn.  It was Consecration Sunday. The ceremony of Consecration marks the beginning on one’s Jewish learning. When young people begin their study of Judaism, they are honored before the community as a new student and often presented with a certificate marking the occasion and gifts like miniature Torah scrolls, which Madilyn received. Temple Chai also added some other rituals to their ceremony like some special blessings for the kids and the recitation of the Sh’ma prayer.  The kids also sang a couple of Hebrew songs for us.  I think Madi's favorite part of the entire ceremony was the cake we was consumed afterward.

From Ms. Ruth (Madilyn's Class):
Dear Parents,

Today was such a special day!!  

We started off in our classroom working on our individual "Books" of Creation, setting out the creations on each day, with the seventh day being the day of Rest, Shabbat.  The children so enjoyed talking about all the different aspects, and worked on our worksheet as well, reminding us what God created, and what is "man made".  Thereafter we read "In the Beginning....", reminding us of our beautiful world, and learning the first word at the beginning of the Torah, namely "Beresheet....."  (In the Beginning....).  

We also worked on our mini-"Torahs", drawing in special pictures of God's creations.  We enjoyed a quick snack today, and were excited to revise our procedure for the Consecration Ceremony and practice our songs, and then it was time .........

Thank you so much to all for attending and making it so extra special!!!   The children enjoyed it thoroughly, and it was such a meaningful experience.

Wishing you all a great week ahead, and look forward to seeing you all again next Sunday.

Madilyn's Kindergarten Class
Singing with Cantor Wolman
Rabbi Chernow blessing the kids
The kids and their Torahs
Madi made her own Torah -- showing all of the things that G-d created
Madi and her ceremonial Torah -- she made the Torah cover
The kids singing for us ...
Sunday, October 11, 2015

Temple Chai Sunday School

Here is what the kids did in Sunday School this week. 

From Ms. Ruth (Madilyn's Class):
Dear Parents,

Today was all about the forthcoming Jewish Holiday of Simchat Torah.  We started the day coloring in a flag and working on our Simchat Torah Packet, while learning all about the celebration and importance of the Torah!  During circle time we went into more detail, learning more about the Torah in regard to how it is made up including the Mantle, the Crown, the Breast Plate, the Yad (Pointer), etc., etc.  We read "Sammy Spider's First Simchat Torah" and "The Littlest Tree", a rhyming book, about how the littlest "tree", who thought he was useless,  was used for the Torah handles!!

Thereafter we were happy to sit down with our friends for snack.  We pretended it was Shabbat, and Riley (as Eema) and Lucas (as Abba) lead the Blessings for the Candles, Kiddish and Challah.  Thank you so much to Lucas Lang's and Parker Ross' Families for all the delicious and nutritious snacks today.  We also sang Happy Birthday to our Madricha, Alayna, as well as to Addison who had her Birthday during September.  Thank you Alayna for the yummy donuts!!!

We then worked hard on coloring, cutting and pasting our "Torahs", and then we had fun marching and singing while waving our flags to celebrate Simchat Torah.

We spoke in more detail about our Consecration Ceremony being held next week, and had a mini rehearsal in the Sanctuary.  The children are excited and looking forward to this very special event.  We look forward to seeing you there as well to share in this celebration.

Afterwards we still had some time to revise the Aleph Bet and worked on Hay and Vav, coloring our pages for our Aleph Bet Book.  We did some revision and wished our friends Shalom Chaverim.
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead, as well as Chag Sameach.  Pamphlets were sent home today with information in regard to the Simchat Torah celebrations tomorrow evening, which should be so much fun.  Look forward to seeing you there.

From Ms. Julia (Aiden's Class):
Dear Parents,

Our theme for the morning was SIMCHAT TORAH.

We made two different flags, by stamping, coloring and stickers.  We held the flags as we danced around the room singing 3 different versions of “Am Yisrael Chai.”

We learned that the Torah is the Jewish People’s favorite book.  It takes a whole year to read and then we start reading it over from the beginning every Simchat Torah.  Like a good book, we discover new things when we read it again.

Our Hebrew letter was DALET for degel (flag.)   We waved our degel on Simchat Torah.
I sent home a dalet fun sheet.

Our Shabbat eema and abba were Sydney and Noah. 

Have a great week.
Friday, October 2, 2015

Temple Chai Sunday School

From Ms. Ruth (Madilyn's Class):
Dear Parents,

Today was all about the celebration and learning about the joyous Jewish Holiday/Festival of Sukkot.  We started our day working on our Sukkot worksheets, and then during circle time went into more detail learning about this Jewish Holiday and discussing the wonderful traditions.  We spoke about the Sukkah "Booth", the harvest festival, the building of the Sukkah, the Lulav and the Etrog, etc., etc.  We also read "Sammy Spider's First Sukkot" and "The Sukkah that I Built".  Thereafter it was time for snack and we again pretended it was Shabbat.  We chose our Abba (Benjamin) and Eema (Addison) and said the Shabbat Blessings for the candles, wine and the Challah, which we so enjoyed together with our yummy snacks today.  Thank you so much to Benjamin Wieland's and Addison Spatola's families for the snacks supplied today.

We managed to do some revision of the Aleph Bet and were excited to learn more about GIMMEL and DALET, and worked on our pages for our Aleph Bet "Books".  

It was then time for us to transition to the Social Hall.  Thank you to all our parents who attended and made it so special for our children.  We all had so much fun working on our special decorations for our courtyard Sukkah.  Thank you so much to Malka Wolman,  Ariela Ben-Dor, and Amanda Campbell for all their hard work in making it so successful.  We all then went into the Sukkah and sang songs with Cantor Wolman, had fun being together, and of course, then having an opportunity to learn more about the Lulav and Etrog with Rabbi Mari, saying the Blessings, and then some of us enjoyed the mitzvah of shaking the actual Lulav and Etrog.  

After this fun-filled morning the children returned to the classroom for a little revision, went outside for some fresh air, and to have some free time with our friends.  We came back to the classroom to wind down the day, say our farewells, wish each other Shavuah Tov, and of course, Chag Sameach for the holiday of Sukkot.

Thank you once again for attending today and taking this opportunity of wishing you and your families a good week ahead, and Chag Sameach.  Look forward to seeing you again next week.

From Ms. Julia (Aiden's Class):
Dear Parents,

Today we experienced Sukkot and had such a lovely and exciting morning

Our class joined with the first graders and kindergarteners in the social hall, where we decorated felt squares to create a tapestry that we then hung in the sukkah.  We were aided by Melka Wolman, Ariela, Amanda, and our parents.  While we were in the sukkah we sang songs about Sukkot.

Our Shabbat eema and abba were Dakota and Aiden.   

Our Hebrew letter for today was GIMEL for “g’milut hasadim” (acts of love and kindness) as well as “gadol” (big).  We also discovered that GIMEL is one of the letters on the Chanukah dreidel.  If you get GIMEL you win the pot!

We were able to bring the real lulav and etrog to the classroom so we could experience them with the class.   We discovered that the lulav has one palm, two willow leaves, and three myrtle.

Enjoy the fun sheet on GIMEL that I sent home.

See you next week.
Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sukkot Sameach!

Sunday was Sukkot Sunday for our family.  The kids attended Sunday School where they celebrated Sukkot with their classmates.  There was even an opportunity for the adults to join the celebration. We assisted the kids in creating decorations for the Temple's sukkah.  Then, we joined the kids, Cantor Wolman and Rabbi Chernow in the sukkah for singing and snacks. 

Aiden's Decoration for the Sukkah
Madi's Decoration for the Sukkah
Singing in the Sukkah
Madi and her Teacher, Ms. Ruth
Madi with the Estrog and Lulav
Aiden's turn

Our Sunday evening was spent with friends and family celebrating Erev Sukkot.  Since our backyard is currently under renovation, we decided to create sukkahs out of graham crackers, pretzel sticks, candy and frosting this year.  It was a fun creative celebration!

Daddy and Aiden
Aunt Christy and Madi