Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Trip ~ Day 6

Tuesday morning we said goodbye to Christy and Brandon.  They had to get back to Phoenix to get back to work and reality.  We luckily had one more day.  So, after breakfast with Christy and Brandon, we gave them hugs goodbye and then we spent the rest of the morning at the Belmont Amusement Park.  The kids loved all of the rides.  It was more financially economical to buy the unlimited all-day ride wristbands for the kids.  This allowed them to go on the rides as many times as they wanted.  It was pretty adorable.  They just kept running from one ride to the next and then they'd start all over.  The only disappointment at the park was that our kids are still too short to ride the roller coaster.  We all really wanted to ride it together, but they just are not quite tall enough.  Maybe next summer.

Our afternoon was spent relaxing.  Then, for the last night of our vacation, we decided to enjoy happy hour at the Catamaran restaurant.  After drinks and some appetizers, the kids wanted to bike to the Belmont Amusement Park for a second round of rides.  I guess the unlimited all-day ride wristbands were worth it.  It was a perfect family vacation ending!

Madi wanted her own photo
Family Photo
Group photo
Christy and Brandon
Christy, Brandon and the Kids
Aiden and Madi

Photo Op
Vertical Plunge Ride
Happy Hour at the Catamaran
Round Two!
The Speedway
A video of the kids -- Aiden is pretty adorable!
May 2017 Race Car Ride
Riding the Tilt-a-Whirl
The Liberty Carousel

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