Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You Tube Kids

My kids are obsessed with YouTube Kids.  This is an actual childhood phenomenon.  From what I understand, most kids my children's age are obsessed with YouTube Kids.  And, we parents, do not understand.  Especially, because some of the channels my kids watch are painful to watch as an adult and yet, they love them. 

One of my kids' favorite YouTube video channels is Ryan's Toy Review.  This kid has one of the most popular YouTube channels.  The premise of the channel, as the name implies, is that Ryan reviews toys. He provides his thoughts on the selected toy.  Then, he “unboxes” the toys, sets them up, and plays. That is the concept of the entire show until he signs off with a simple wave and says, “See you next time.”  Really!?!

Here is a glimpse of Ryan's channel:

Baffling, right?  My kids love him.  They will sit for hours, if we allowed them, watching Ryan unpackage toys and review them.  It is mind numbing.

Some of the other YouTube channels that my kids enjoy include:

Barbie (that is someone plays with the Barbie and the kids watch)
Boss Baby (Snipets from the movie)
Surprise Eggs (a show all about opening eggs to get the surprise)
Princess T (Ryan's Cousin)

As a parent, I now understand the bafflement my parents must have felt when my generation was obsessed with Garbage Pail Kids cards, slap bracelets and gum wrapper chains.  I guess every generation has to have those childhood obsessions.  They are the treasures that we carry with us into adulthood that provide us a reminder of some of the simple joys of being a kid.  

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