Thursday, July 13, 2017

No Cavities!

Another six months has passed and I am happy to report that both kids received a "No cavities" report from the dentist.

Madilyn was so excited to show Dr. Meyers her lost teeth.  He promptly reported that the Tooth Fairy should be on call as her top two, front teeth are getting pretty loose.  Madi's back top molars have also come in so the dentist suggested we apply sealants to protect them.  Yes, please! So, Madi had her back teeth "painted" which she said made them feel weird.

Nothing too special to report on Aiden, except that he squirmed and moved the entire cleaning.  I think he was a little perturbed that he had to stop watching the movie which was being shown in the waiting room.

Either way, the kids earned their balloon, goodie bag, and special toy from the Treasure Chest.  Plus, due to the fluorine applied to their teeth, they get a night off from brushing their teeth.

 The kids doing "The Dab" during dinner
 Showing off their Treasure Chest toy -- Slap Bracelets
(Remember those???)

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