Thursday, July 6, 2017

Last Day of School

The expression, "The Days Go By Slow, but the Years Go By So Fast," couldn't ring truer for me this past school year.  Now that both of my kids are in the hustle and bustle of homework, tests, nightly reading, and math facts, the school year is a blur.  An amazing and fun blur; full of fun homework projects, proud Mommy moments and kids excited to show off their good test scores.  Both of my kids grew so much this year.  We couldn't be any prouder!

Madilyn enjoyed her school year in Mrs. DeMarsh's class.  She made some new friends including Natalie.  Madi loves to read.  She is now reading chapter books.  She also loves art.  Every day she would bring home some little doodle or drawing.  Her writing also improved so much.  She enjoyed writing each week in her journal.  It is amazing to see how much she grew from August to May. Math, on the other hand, doesn't come as easy for her, but she continues to work hard to master her math facts.  Here are Madilyn's year end grades:

Aiden first year of elementary school was also full of growth.  He loved his teacher, Miss Fox.  She was the perfect Kindergarten teacher -- sweet, kind and very forgiving.  He had lots of friends, mostly boys. They enjoyed playing basketball and tag during lunch and recess.  Math is Aiden's strong suit. He would frustrate Madi when he would know the answer to a math problem she was working on before she could answer it.  And although he may not really enjoy it, he is quite the little reader. Hopefully, he will learn to like it more in first grade.  His favorite subject this past year was engineering.  He loved building things and learning how they work.  Here are Aiden's year end grades:

Well, one more school year completed.  I cannot wait to see what fun and adventures the next school year brings.

Madi and Ms. Liebner
Madi and Mrs. DeMarsh
Aiden and his 90s Club pin

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