Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Spring Soccer 2017

This past spring both Madilyn and Aiden decided they wanted to play soccer.  Madilyn wanted to be on the field with her brother instead of sitting on the side line.  Luckily, Sereno Soccer Club allowed Madi to play on the same team even though she is older.  And with that, we had two Orange Crush soccer players.  The spring team included most of the core kids and the amazing coach (Pete) as we had in the fall. Throughout the season, the kids' skills continued to get better and refined.  It is so much fun to watch them use a skill in the game that they just learned in practice that week and have it be successful.  It sometimes it even surprised them.  We are really lucky to have found this team.  The parents are fun and supportive.  The kids all play really well together and have fun.  We are not sure if the league will allow us to still be the Orange Crush in the fall, but we do know that both of our kids will be playing again with this amazing group of people.

The Orange Crush
(Patrick, Madi, Aiden, Campbell, Sydney, Maia, Ryan, Kellan, Henry)
Dribbling the ball
Game Time!
Aiden's celebration dance after scoring a goal
Post-game snacks
Soccer girl
My soccer kids
Soccer boy
Good game
Coach post-game chat
End of the season photo
A silly one...

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