Sunday, July 9, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Trip ~ Day 3

Saturday morning, Christy and I headed over to meet Kathleen at the Catarmaran Spa for massages and lunch. The spa is beautiful.  We really enjoyed being pampered while also having a little girl time.  My masseuse was especially entertaining.  He continued to tell me to breathe deeply in and out through my belly button.  This was supposedly so I could release all that was negative and bad out of my body and breathe in all that was good and pure.  He was a little too holistic for me, but at least the massage was relaxing.  

While we were at the spa, the guys took the kids out for breakfast, played Monopoly and then enjoyed some beach time. 

Saturday evening, we scheduled an adult night out in Downtown San Diego.  The kids stayed with Kathleen's parents, Marge and Steve.  Thank you!  We spent the night enjoying our own self-made walking tour of some of San Diego's best speakeasies with a stop for dinner at a local seafood restaurant.  It was a fabulous time and we even stayed up past our normal bedtime.

Christy and Brandon
  Josh and I
Christy, me, and Kathleen
The ladies of the speakeasy
Josh with his "frothy" egg drink
The gang surrounded by skulls

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