Monday, July 24, 2017

Surprise! Happy Birthday, Mom!

While we were up in Munds Park, we surprised Mom with a party on Saturday night to celebrate her birthday. Mom's good friend, Sandy, had been planning the event for months.  It was one of the main reasons that Aunt Jerre and Uncle Loren decided to visit the cabin earlier.

The rousse created by Sandy was that since she hadn't seen Jerre and Loren in a long time, that we should all come over for dinner.  Mom gladly accepted the invitation and when we arrived for dinner, many of Mom's friends were gathered in her honor.  She was so surprised.  We got her!

It was a fun evening of drinks, food, conversation and celebration.  I am so glad that we were able to celebrate Mom's birthday with her this year.  With all of the kids' activities, it is getting harder and harder to get up to the cabin in the summer.  What a fun night!

Grandma and the kids
The gang!
Balloons, presents and cupcakes!
Mom and Sandy
Madi and Aiden
Crazy frosting!
Mom and Aunt Jerre
Josh and I
Aunt Jerre and Uncle Loren
Betty and Mom

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