Saturday, July 8, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Trip ~ Day 2

By our second day of vacation, we were all starting to relax and enjoy just "be".  The morning was spent cuddling on the couch, catching up on a little work and watching some shows.  After getting dressed, we biked over to a local bakery to pick up some challah for Shabbat.  Since we were there, some of us may have decided we needed some cookies as a little snack.  We then enjoyed a leisurely group bike ride back to the condo so the kids could enjoy some afternoon beach time.  We decided to take the kids over to the ocean or the "wavy" beach as the kids called it. We thought they would enjoy playing in the waves with their boogie boards.  Sadly, the water was still a tad cold for them to really enjoy surfing the waves, but they had fun and kept themselves entertained anyway.  They looked for shells, played in the sand and tried to "ride" the waves.  At one point, I even waded into the chilly water to help Aiden and Madi "ride" the waves.  Aiden loved it for awhile until he got too cold. Madilyn wanted to try it, but ended up in tears as she would fall off of her board into the cold water. Oh well!  I may not have true surfer kids.  Our night concluded with steaks and roasted vegetables from the grill.  It was the perfect way to start Shabbat.

Morning cuddles on the couch
Bike ride to the bakery
The kids enjoying a snack
Christy and Brandon found this sign for Josh
Our mantra for the week
Madi's masterpiece at the bakery
Aiden wanted a picture too
Beach boardwalk cruisin'
Playing with their boogie boards
Running away from the cold water
Trying to "ride" the waves
A video of the kids in the waves
May 2017 Boogie Boarding
Helping the kids boogie board
Aiden heading back out into the ocean
Playing in the sand
A little meditation on the beach

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