Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer Swim Team ~ Meet #2

The kids' second swim meet of the summer was held at Deer Valley pool.  This meet focused on the breast and freestyle strokes.

The kids did pretty well.  Although, breast stroke is not one of their strongest strokes thus far.  This meet, Aiden was excited to swim all four races as he wanted four ribbons instead of three.  He placed pretty well overall and he had fun.

Aiden placed:
1st -- Free Relay
3rd -- Free 25yd Individual
4th -- Breast 25yd Individual
Participation -- Breast Relay

Aiden at the end of one of his races
Aiden waiting with his relay team
I called his name...
Aiden's 25yd Breast Stroke
6-22-17 Aiden 25yd Breast

Madilyn had an okay meet.  BUT, her best race was the freestyle relay.  She had a stellar swim!  Her team was really struggling and was in almost last place until her leg of the race.  She was the anchor. Madi could tell that the team was not doing very well.  She was super antsy and anxious to swim her leg of the race. It was so cute! When it was her turn, she dove in the pool and swam so fast that her team actually finished second. Josh and I agreed that it is one of the best races we have ever watched of hers.  She swam with such determination and oomph.  Now, if we can just get her to swim with that level of effort every race.  Maybe this gave her a little taste ...

Madilyn placed:
2nd -- Free Relay
4th -- Free 25yd Individual
Participation -- Breast 25yd Individual
Participation -- Breast Relay

Madi waiting with her teammate for their relay race
Ready to swim
Madilyn anxiously waiting to swim her leg of the free relay
Madi's 25yd Breast Stroke
6-22-17 Madi 25yd Breast

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