Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer Swim Team ~ Meet #1

Summer in Phoenix = Swimming.  And more specifically, City of Phoenix swim team.  Madilyn has been swimming with the city swim team for the past couple of years.  Now that Aiden is five, he joined the team too.  He may not have wanted to join the team at first, but after some tough negotiation (we agreed to sign him up for diving lessons), we convinced him to join with his sister. And now, he loves it.  So much, that he wants to join Madi's club team when school starts.

The kids' first swim meet of the season occurred the second Thursday of June. The meet was at Starlight Pool.  This meet focused on the freestyle and back strokes.  The kids swam very well, especially Aiden since it was his first meet *ever*.

Madilyn placed:
2nd -- Back Relay
3rd -- Back 25yd Individual
1st -- Free 25yd Individual
3rd -- Free Relay

Aiden placed:*
3rd -- Back 25yd Individual**
4th-- Free 25yd Individual
1st -- Free Relay***
* Aiden only swam three events this meet as he told the coaches that he didn't want to swim the backstroke events as he wasn't very good in them.  As soon as I found this out, I may have had a little conversation with his coach and advised that Aiden will be swimming all the races that he can moving forward.

** Tonight we learned that Aiden might be a little competitive.  When this race was over and he brought me his ribbon, he was so sad because it was not a first place blue ribbon.  He was almost in tears.  We tried to console him and inform him that he did amazing for his first swim meet.  He wasn't listening to any of it.

*** Aiden was SO excited to have received a 1st place blue ribbon!  His face was pure joy.  This is when he decided he wanted to join the Swim Neptune Club team with Madi.

Silly Pics
Nice Pic
Time for warm-ups
Madi waiting to swim her race
Madi's 25 yd Backstroke
6-15-17 ~ Madi 25yd Back
Madi's 25 yd Freestyle
6-15-17 ~ Madi 25yd Free
Aiden ready to swim his race
Aiden's 25 yd Backstroke
6-15-17 ~ Aiden 25yd Back
Aiden's 25 yd Freestyle
6-15-17 ~ Aiden 25yd Free
Madi's Patriotic Ribbons
(Notice how she didn't put the 1st place ribbon in front)

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